While some pups can sleep away the day waiting for their hoomans to return, off the back of recent prolonged periods at home, there are the many dogs who are struggling to adapt to being home alone again. If you are worried that your fur baby may be bored – or know for sure thanks to some ruined shoes or chair legs – then we have some tips on keeping your pooch entertained whilst you’re at work.



Yes screen time for dogs is a thing! Pop on the nature channel and allow your dog to be stimulated by the sights and sounds of other animals.

Chew or puzzle toys

There are many amazing toys on the market now ranging from for food dispensing puzzles to chew toys that you can fill with treats such as peanut butter. Leave them hidden in various locations around the house or garden to make it more fun for your companion!

Engage in high energy activity before you leave

If you’re short on time, some quick fun play will engage the senses however if you can fit a walk, run or park activity, your pooch will be more relaxed and prone to enjoy the downtime alone.

Introduce new toys

Whether it be a new toy or some tried and tested goodies on rotation, make sure to leave out a toy for some playtime and stimulation through the day.

Consider a friend

Not a consideration to be taken lightly and also not to be used as a solution to manage separation anxiety, however if you do think your dog would enjoy a furry friend and it would work in your family scenario, then what better form of entertainment than a play mate!