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What is an online vet chat consultation?

Our online consultations allow you access to a video consultation on your computer, ipad or phone with a qualified and registered veterinarian or nurse. These sessions run for 20 minutes and during this time expert veterinary professionals will provide you with advice and support to help you with your pet healthcare questions. The vets and nurses will be able to provide you with the most appropriate advice to address your concerns.

Is vet chat with a real vet?

Yes, all our vets and nurses are qualified, registered, and experienced vets from Australia and New Zealand.  

What are the benefits of using online vet consultations?

Apart from being in the comfort of your own home, online consultations give you the opportunity to seek professional advice quickly/or at a time convenient to you. No need to stress your pet with avoidable transport to a vet clinic. Online vet and nurse advice is also beneficial for older pets, pets who don’t enjoy riding in the car, pets who don’t appreciate socialising in a clinic waiting room, follow-up health care or a check-up appointment.  

Can online consultation be used instead of going to the vet?

Although online advice may be all you need, depending on the concerns you have for your pet, we always recommend following up with your current vet to ensure a face-to-face examination can be performed on your pet. 

What symptoms can you vet help us with online?

It might be an ongoing condition. Or maybe it’s new and completely out of character. As soon as you notice something’s up, we can help your pet with real Vet advice, so you know what to do next.  

Already diagnosed conditions Allergies and itchy skin Unexplained vomiting or diarrhoea Coughing, sneezing or conjunctivitis Sore paw pads or broken nails Minor cuts or infections Changes in behaviour Gums, teeth and smelly breath Bad smells in general! Barking or behavioural problems Putting on weight (or losing it) Drinking lots of water (or not enough) Anything that’s worrying you 

For serious emergencies, your pet needs urgent hands-on attention. Please call your local or emergency veterinarian straight away.  

Can vet chat help in an emergency?

Please go straight to your local Vet or Veterinary Emergency Centre for any of the following:  

Traumatic incidents (hit by car, fallen from height, dog attacks, cat fights) Breathing difficulties Unable to walk normally Recurring seizures Dogs or cats producing only a small amount or no urine Severe abdomen pain (swollen or bloated) 

We recommend urgent hands-on attention for your pet in all the above cases. And we’re sending you positive thoughts for a speedy recovery in the meantime.  

What do I need bring to an online consultation?

Apart from having your pet close by, you will need a reliable internet connection, computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet browser, or our Your PetPA app downloaded, microphone and camera. It’s also a good idea to find a quiet place with good lighting. 

So that you get the most out of your consultation, you may want to make some notes about questions to ask the vet. It’s also a good idea to have your pets’ vaccination history, flea and worming products and weight on hand. Photos and videos of your pet’s current health conditions/changes are also great. 

How long does an online consultation last for?

We allow 20 minutes to discuss your all your concerns and offer relevant advice.  

Will an online vet chat end up costing more than the advertised price?

No, all our information and advice provided during the 20 minutes is within the prepaid online consultation fee. Follow up consultations are sometimes recommended, and this fee is not included in the original consultation price. We will also provide a summary of your advice session and any supportive information to help you with your pet health concerns.

How quickly can I chat with a vet online?

We have qualified staff available 7 days a week during the hours of 6am and 10pm AEST to speak with you directly online. It’s as simple as booking an appointment.  

Is vet chat open 24 hours?

Our qualified staff are there to support you 7 days a week during the hours of 6am-10pm AEST. 

If the consultation is online, how do you examine my pet?

Although a physical examination is not performed, we rely heavily on the information and history you can provide us for your pet. Based on this information and seeing your pet through the video consultation we can assist you further with some professional advice and recommendations. We always recommend that you visit a veterinarian in clinic to follow up on any conditions causing concern.

Do the online vets follow up after the consultation?

Absolutely, our priority is knowing that your pet’s healthcare concerns are addressed. Our vets and nurses will provide post advice email communication and are available for any follow-up advice. 

What kind of pets can I use vet chat for?

We can offer veterinary advice online for cats and dogs. 

Can the online vet prescribe my pet medication?

Unfortunately, without physically examining your pet, prescribing medication is not possible. If you need a script refilled or medication, then we recommend having a consultation with your regular vet or if this is a serious condition, visiting an afterhours clinic. 

How much does an online consultation cost?

Our online consultation cost is $39.95 for a Vet and $24.95 for a Nurse. If your pet is Thriving Pets Wellness Plan Member you have FREE unlimited online consultations with our vets and nurses. Just go ahead and make your appointment online through our App or Website. 

Are payments processed securely?

You can guarantee that when making an online payment through our App or Website, that your information is completely secure and safe. Paying online is simple and we take you through the process step by step.

Can I claim online vet chats on pet insurance?

We recommend that you consult with your Pet Insurance to discuss your available benefits. 

Can a record of my consultation be sent to my regular vet?

All our Vet and Nurse advice sessions are documented in our Your PetPA Patient System. This information is protected by privacy laws, however with your permission we can send these records to a nominated veterinarian of your choice. 

What is the difference between an online consultation with a vet and a vet nurse?

Our vets are available to assist you with any medical concerns about your pet. Our nurses are available to assist you with any generalized pet wellness questions, life stage recommendations, nutritional advice, preventative care and behaviour information. 

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