Between family, work, friends and everything in between… life is busy. There’s almost a sense of gratitude our loyal companions simply take up their loving position at home, not adding to the chaos of ‘who has to be where and when.

But as a pet owner, there are yearly housekeeping reminders that must be remembered to maintain the basic health, safety and wellbeing of your fur baby.


Parenting checklist

1. Yearly Vaccination

Annual vaccination is a must for pets to ensure they remain healthy and protected from deadly viruses in the environment. If not carried out on time, your pet is at risk of contracting the diseases from other unprotected or contagious animals and potentially becoming very unwell.

2. Yearly preventative care

Preventative care, just like vaccinations, is an ongoing requirement for your pet to maintain health and wellbeing. As a minimum, your pet will need regular doses of flea and tick treatment, intestinal worming tablets and in some geographical locations, heartworm prevention too.

3. Microchipping details

Have you moved houses recently or changed mobile numbers? If you have then it is likely you have forgotten that there is a chip inside your pet that contains all of your old information. It is important that if ownership of the animal or contact details has recently
changed, that this information is updated through the state microchipping platform as soon as possible.

4. Yearly pet registration

If you choose to own a pet, then you must abide by local council laws and registration for animals. If registration is not performed yearly, you risk a hefty fine by the Animal Management Council. Registration also helps reunite lost pets with their owners.

5. ID Tags

ID tags are the best way to prevent your pet from ending up at the veterinary clinic or local pound. Sometimes tags can get scratched, fade or break off and your pet can no longer be identified. To ensure you can be contacted if required, ensure your pet’s tag is still easy to read and updated with any changes.

There’s nothing worse than reoccurring guilt when you can’t recall the last time you gave your fur baby their flea treatment or worming tablet, and was it September or December that they needed their yearly vaccine? Even more, confronting though is when you suddenly notice that your once active puppy or kitten, has now reached its’ senior years.

Your PetPA allows you to keep on top of these things year after year! Our goal is to ensure that every pet is living its best and healthiest life for its life stage and to provide you with all your pet care needs at the tip of your fingers.

We offer Vet Care Plans designed by our qualified and experienced veterinary staff and individually tailored to your pet’s age, breed and lifestyle.

Vet Care Plan

At Your PetPA, we understand that even if animals are of the same species, breed and age, each pet is unique and to maintain their optimum health, requires a customized vet care plan suitable for its health care needs and life stage. Our annual vet care plan provides you with yearly wellness advice tailored specifically to your pet.

By arranging an annual vet care plan, our experienced staff can remind you of all the recommended veterinary advice for your pet including preventative care, life stage recommendations and diet suitability. With a detailed individualised vet care plan sent to you directly, you will always be conscious of your pet’s needs to maintain a long healthy life.

Thriving Pets+

We take pride in knowing that our Pet Wellness Plan – Thriving Pets+ offer all the necessary care in one simple plan, taking the stress out of owning a pet and providing peace of mind knowing veterinary care is available for you anywhere you need it!

What’s included?

  • Unlimited consultations – Wherever you go no matter where you are, your consultation fee is covered and guarantees you unlimited consults for when your pet needs them.
  • Unlimited Vet Chats – Available from your phone or computer, you can speak to a member of our veterinary team anytime. Simply book online.
  • Annual Vaccination – The cost of your pets’ annual vaccination is included!
  • Dental Allowance – Dental prophylaxis is one of the most important preventative procedures you can provide your pet. We offer discounts on the procedure to help cover the costs.
  • Wellness Screen Allowance – Annual blood tests are the only way to fully understand just how healthy your pet is. Some illnesses are only determined with blood results and so performing annual blood tests is beneficial for all pets no matter the age.
  • Option for Add-On Annual Preventatives Package – Posted directly to you, we deliver your pet’s preventive care straight to your front door.

~ Dr Lachlan Campbell