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Shy Tiger Soothe + Skin Protect for Dogs

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Introducing Shy Tiger Soothe + Skin Protect for Dogs, the ultimate all-natural solution to support and soothe your dog's irritated or inflamed skin. Developed by veterinarians and herbalists, this powerful formula is perfect for alleviating ailments such as Interdigital Dermatitis, wound care, and post-surgery recovery. Give your furry friend the best with this thoughtful gift.

  • Shy Tiger Soothe + Skin Protect is an all-natural skin solution for dogs, expertly crafted to support and soothe irritated or inflamed skin.
  • Our premium blend of herb extracts and essential oils, including sage and thyme hydrosol, clove bud, kunzea, and more, work synergistically to create a potent yet gentle formula. It helps reduce inflammation, purify the skin, and neutralize harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Choose Soothe + Skin Protect to provide your dog with nature's first aid. It's ideal for various skin issues, wound care, and post-surgery recovery, offering a natural alternative to traditional solutions. This potent, veterinarian-developed formula can be a game-changer in your pet's skincare routine, making their discomfort a thing of the past.

Product Specifications

  • Dosage: For animal treatment only. Apply 1-4 sprays or drops.
  • Frequency: Administer 1-4 times daily.
  • Usage: Shake well before use. Spray directly onto the affected area or onto gauze, then gently wipe in. Do not spray toward your dog's face. Allow 10 minutes for proper absorption.

Give your beloved pet the soothing care they deserve with Shy Tiger Soothe + Skin Protect. Make this natural first-aid solution a staple in your pet care routine. For more pet care essentials, visit Your Pet PA today, and ensure your furry friend lives their best life.