Thriving Pets+ Wellness Plan


No, pet insurance generally covers accident and emergency ( *please check your Pet Insurance Policy for all inclusions)  Thriving Pets Plus is designed by vets and pet lovers to include preventative health care and wellness benefits  in one simple and affordable package.  

You have 2 options:  

  1. Upfront Annual Payment  
  2. Monthly Payment: These payments are automatically debited from your credit card  

Yes, we understand the need to visit different veterinary clinics and our plans allow you to seek services across different locations. Please review the Thriving Pets Membership Terms and Conditions. 

We understand things change and we are available to discuss any changes to your membership terms. 

Our Customer Service team is happy to discuss any reasonable changes.

Unfortunately, this is not possible due to differences in treatment requirements for species and breeds. We recommend contacting our Customer Service Team if you have any questions.  

We understand that this can sometimes occur unexpectedly at any age and therefore we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to organise membership cancellation.  

Our membership benefits start straight away. You are part of the Thriving Pets family for 12 months (at least !!) 

Unlimited! We understand that you can’t always predict when you will need veterinary care therefore, we are here for you when you need us. (* please review our hours of availability and our Terms and Conditions for additional information) 

We believe that Wellness is a continuous cycle therefore we recommend consistent care. Our plans offer and provide the required annual health services required to keep your furbaby on a Wellness pathway across all stages of their life journey. 

Your Thriving Pets Plus membership plan is for 12 month period and is rolled over automatically every year. If you wish to cancel your membership at the conclusion of your 12 month period, please contact us to cancel your membership. 

Once your membership is cancelled your pet’s benefits including discounts, preventative medication and FREE telehealth consults are no longer available. If you wish to have these available to you again then you will need to resubscribe.  

Absolutely! Our goal is to make premium pet wellness care achievable and affordable for all pet parents.  We want to provide peace of mind, take the stress out of paying for the necessities and offer the best pet wellness care for your furbaby. 

Wellness Plans make it easy to provide proactive pet wellness services and products. Plans benefits include convenience, the peace of mind, flexibility, affordability, and the peace of mind of knowing that you are ensuring that your furbaby is Thriving. 

Pet care can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to keep track of exactly what your pet needs and when they need it.  A pet care plan removes the guesswork and makes it easy for us to provide you with the appropriate pet health care needs for your furbaby. Pet Care in your pocket made easy.

Puppies and Dogs: Nexgard Spectra (delivered monthly) and Popantel Tapewormer (delivered twice a year) 

Kittens and Cats: Bravecto Plus (delivered 3 times a year) and Popantel Tapewormer (delivered 3 times a year) 

We have chosen and strongly recommend the products provided in the Wellness Plans  

Please contact our customer service team If your pet suffers from a medical condition which may cause an adverse reaction to the recommended products.  

No drama – as long as you update your fur baby’s weight in your App profile monthlythen we will send you the appropriate product.

No delivery fees – it’s a part of your plan.

You will receive an envelope with your pets labelled preventative treatment and administration instructions. Our customer service team are also happy to answer any treatment or administration concerns you may have.