No one looks after your pet quite like you do, however there are occasions when you need (or choose) to go away and it’s not feasible for your pet to join… You’ve decided to use a pet sitter so your pet can stay in the comfort of their own home. Next step… Choosing a sitter that will provide your pet comfort and affection, allowing you piece of mind to enjoy this time away!

A great pet sitter does not have to have formal qualifications however, recommendations or references and a genuine caring nature towards your pet on their first meeting is a must. We’ve put together a quick checklist of the top qualities to look for when it comes to choosing your pet sitter.


This is critical – if your pet sitter doesn’t show, your whole trip could be off. Or you could come home to a pet that has been left alone for extended periods. Reliability also extends to knowing that if there is an emergency, your sitter can be counted on to follow your instructions.


This person will be looking after your most important assets – your fur baby, your home and belongings – so you want to know you can trust them. References and recommendations come in to play but don’t underestimate trusting your initial instincts upon meeting someone either.

Great with animals

You want your pet sitter to have a genuine love of animals; not someone simply wanting a house-sitting gig. Listen to how they speak about their own animals, other pets they’ve cared for and how they speak to your fur baby.


If you have a high maintenance or pet in need of special care, it might be worth considering a sitter who has experience with similar scenarios. Knowing your hyperactive dog is being walked safely or your cat is getting the right food to medicine ratio, is something that is often best managed by a pet sitter who has had similar experience.


You may have a pet who initially sits by the front door pining for you, but knowing you have a sitter who will be dishing out attention, providing companionship and care whilst maintaining your pets’ routine, means you don’t have to worry about that happening for long!

Once you find a great pet sitter, they are worth their weight in gold. Just put in the time needed now to ensure you have the right person and you and your fur baby can both reap the benefits of this relationship for years to come.

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