Congratulations on your new addition to the family… Who knew this little bundle of energy could take up so much space in your heart so soon?! And like the whirlwind of activity that happens when a puppy joins a household, your puppy’s development also comes at a frenetic pace.


Puppies develop vital communication and socialisation skills in their first few months of life.  A ‘sensitive period’ between 3 – 17 weeks of age is a crucial period of learning and development (with a critical period around 12 weeks), where the experiences your puppy has, can influence and shape their behaviors’ both as a puppy and into adulthood.

Generally, puppy school is for puppies between the ages of 8 – 16 weeks however the earlier you start puppy school, the more time you will have to understand this sensitive period enabling you to provide your puppy with positive experiences.

Sometimes questions may arise around ensuring your puppy is vaccinated prior to attending a puppy school or socializing which can push out the start date of your puppy joining.  On the same token, a face to face puppy school should have a controlled, safe environment where the space can be cleaned effectively to reduce the risk prior to your puppy being fully vaccinated.

Your PetPA offers an online puppy school so there is no need to worry about your puppy’s vaccination status.  You can join as soon as your puppy comes home, giving you more time to learn about your puppy, develop a strong relationship and create positive experiences!  Our online puppy school program has been created to guide you and your family on building a strong lifelong relationship with your puppy and with both live and ‘on demand’ sessions, this can be done at a time that suits you. Join now or find out more about our online puppy school.