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Pet Safety in Summer: 8 Easy Tips for Pet Parents

Pet Safety in Summer: 8 Easy Tips for Pet Parents

As the Australian summer sets in, pet parents need to be aware of the potential dangers that summer can bring to their pets. From scorching temperatures to lurking wildlife it's crucial to have the knowledge of how to keep your pets safe. 
Let’s explore eight easy tips to ensure your pets not only enjoy a safe and happy summer but also navigate potential dangers with heatstroke, snakes, ticks and other parasites. 

Hydration is Essential for your pet: 

The Australian summer can be relentless, and staying hydrated is crucial for both pets and people. Ensure your pets have access to fresh, cool water at all times and consider providing water bowls with shallow edges to accommodate smaller pets like rabbits and guinea pigs if needed. 

Cool, shaded areas: 

Create shaded and cool spots in your home and yard where your pets can retreat from the heat. This is particularly important for pets kept in outdoor enclosures. Keep in mind that snakes are out during summer too and may seek shaded areas as well so be aware of areas where they may be lingering in the yard. 

Beware of Snakes in your yard: 

Australia is home to some venomous snakes, and encounters can be more frequent during warmer months. Keep your backyard tidy to easily spot where snakes may be hiding. If you suspect your pet has been bitten, seek veterinary assistance immediately as the poison can spread very fast.  

Tick Paralysis in Pets: 

Summer is peak tick season. Check your pets regularly for ticks and pay close attention to areas like the head, ears and paws. Speak to your veterinarian about tick prevention methods, such as spot on treatments, collars, chewable tablets or other solutions to keep your pets safe from ticks and the diseases that they carry. 

Mind the Paws on hot pavement: 

Hot pavement can cause burns to your pet’s paws. Walk your pets in the cooler parts of the day such as early morning or late afternoon and keep off anything that feels too hot for your hand.  
Be cautious of any tall grass or undergrowth where snakes or other creatures might hide. 

Sun Protection for Pets: 

You can protect your pets from harmful UV rays by applying pet friendly sunscreen, paying attention to areas with less fur coverage and try to avoid the sun when the UV rays are at their peak. Make sure you check for any unusual lumps or bumps, as these could be indicative of parasitic infestations like ticks or fleas.  

Parasite Prevention for Pets: 

Regular grooming not only helps your pets stay cool but also allows you to check for any parasites in their fur and skin. Consult your veterinarian for a parasite prevention plan, this may include treatments for fleas, worms and ticks in your area. 

Plan Pet Friendly Activities:  

When planning outdoor activities, choose locations carefully. Avoid areas with known snake activity and opt for pet friendly spaces that are well maintained and regularly checked for potential hazards. This could include parks with proper fencing to deter wildlife.  

As the Australian summer kicks in these 8 tips will not only safeguard your pets from the heat but also provide protection against potential encounters with snakes, ticks, and other parasites. Being a responsible pet parent involves understanding the seasonal challenges and taking proactive steps to ensure your pets can enjoy the warmer months safely. May your summer be filled with sunshine and worry free adventures with your pets! 

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