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Hear from our happy customers

Jake is not the biggest fan of getting his teeth brushed, but he does love eating! So tried the Oravet dental chews - Jake loves them and it keeps his teeth squeaky clean. They are not too hard either as some dental chews can be tough for a small dog.

Jake the Jack

Amazing customer service! Seriously the 1 stop shop for my 4 legged babies! They stock all the amazing brands & best health products on the market. Not to mention they share super important & helpful information for any pet owner.

Daisy and Moose

I noticed a huge difference for the better with Tank’s movement once starting Antinol - it’s amazing and a huge benefit. I’m so grateful I found Your PetPA to ask questions too.

Tank the German Shepard

We strongly recommend Your PetPA! The customer service is great and they have a large range of products that suit a variety of dogs and their needs. The pet parenting calls are super helpful for those with puppies, and they write some really helpful blogs!

Moose the Lab

Ed loves when a package arrives from Your PetPA so he can rip it apart and see the exciting things inside!
They have the best customer service and always send everything so fast.

Ed the Dachshund
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