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Pet Parenting Questions?

Take a look at our FAQ’s about our Pet Parenting or content or contact us below

Which course should I select?

Why only choose one when you can have them all!

Take a look at each of the course descriptions and select one (or more!) courses that fit your needs.   

We also have our masterclasses where we deep dive into specific topics and answer live attendees questions!

I am thinking of getting a pet soon, should I sign up and which course should I choose?

Yes! If you are thinking of getting a pet, are about to pick up your fluffy family member or your new pet has just joined your family, we have so many courses for you to chose from.  It is best to start with our How to prepare for your new pet masterclass and then move onto our online Puppy School course if you have a puppy, or one of our targeted topic courses if you have an older dog or a cat.

I have a dog with behaviour concerns.  Will any of these courses help me?

Our Dog Behaviour course covers the basics of some of the most common behaviour challenges many dog owners face.  The Dog Behaviour course will give you an understanding of why some of these common behaviour concerns occur and basic tools to help.  However, this course will not replace a personalized 1:1 consultation with a professional, diagnose a behaviour disorder, or manage serious or complex behaviours. If your pet is experiencing serious or complex behaviour please speak to your Veterinarian for personal advice.

Can I learn at my own pace? 

Yes!  All our online courses are accessible ‘on demand’.   

As soon as you are enrolled you will have immediate 24hr access to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you wish (as long as you have access to a compatible device and an internet connection.) 

What does the course include?

Each course includes engaging, bite sized videos for you to learn and re-watch in your own time and as you need. 

Can I sign up to more than one course?

Yes!  You can sign up to as many courses as you wish

What age should my puppy be to join the Complete Puppy School’ course? 

As our Complete Puppy School course is online you can join at any time, even before you have brought your puppy home.  There is no need to wait, and we recommend signing up as soon as you have decided to welcome your new puppy into your home.   

The content inside the Complete Puppy School is aimed at young puppies aged 8 weeks to 6 months of age with a focus on the first few months after you bring them home.   

Are these courses only for dogs?

At this stage our online courses are aimed at dogs.  However, we have some exciting courses in the works, with a new course for cat owners coming soon.   

We do have recorded masterclasses for both dogs and cats. Our Live Masterclasses run regularly throughout the year with topics designed to meet the needs of our pet parenting community. Register above to get access to the link for our next live Masterclass.

We love supporting pet parents of all species and at any stage of your pet parenting journey.  If you have a topic or course you would like us to present, reach out to our team of experts by emailing us on

How many people from my family can access the course? 

We encourage family participation! All members of your family are welcome to access the course, and join our live masterclasses. 

Who do I contact if I have an issue or can’t access the online course? 

Contact our team of experts at

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