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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a prescription medication without a prescription?

No. A written prescription from your veterinarian is required so the pharmacist can dispense medication for your pet. The prescription has your pet's details, the medication dose and frequency, as well as the duration that your pet requires the medication.

Is Your PetPA a pharmacy?

No.  Your PetPA  is not a pharmacy. We provide a service by connecting Australian pet owners with Australian pharmacists who can dispense prescription pet medication.

Who dispenses the prescription medication?

All orders for prescription medications are supplied by PetPA Pharmacy (ABN: 33 658 263 462), NSW Pharmacy Registration Number: PC1241648). PetPA Pharmacy is 100% owned and operated by an Australian registered pharmacist and operates from a registered pharmacy premises at 133 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads New South Wales 2485. All prescription medication supplied by PetPA Pharmacy is sourced from Australian veterinary wholesalers and is dispensed by Australian registered pharmacists. The registration of any Australian pharmacist can be viewed on the AHPRA website:

What if I cannot find a product?

Our range of products and those available for supply by the pharmacist is always growing, but if there is a product you can obtain from your regular veterinarian that is not listed on our website, then let us know as it may be able to be sourced for you at a competitive price - just call us on 1300 473 872 or email us at

Is the medication on your site genuine?

Yes. When purchasing prescription medication through Your PetPA you know that:

  • All prescription medication supplied is sourced from Australian veterinary wholesalers and Australian registered pharmacists,
  • All medication available is registered with the Australian Government (TGA or APVMA) or prepared by an Australian registered compounding pharmacist,
  • All medication supplied is processed and dispensed by Australian-registered pharmacists.

Why don't you display pictures of medication?

Australian legislation prohibits the advertisement of prescription drugs to consumers; therefore we are unable to display any images of the packaging or provide you with more information regarding the prescription medicine we have available. All medication available from Your PetPA is registered with the Australian Government (TGA or APVMA). If you are unsure about the available medication or would like more information, then please email us on or call us on 1300 473 872.

What if my vet will not write a prescription?

While we find that most veterinarians in Australia are usually more than happy to write a prescription, they are not legally required to do so when requested. If your vet is unwilling to write a prescription, then you can try to find another vet in your area who is happy to write prescriptions. Your pet will require a full consultation with the new vet before they can write a prescription.

If you're still having trouble, then please email us at or call us on 1300 473 872 and we can help you find a vet in your area that will write prescriptions after a consultation with your pet.

How long is a prescription valid for?

A prescription is valid for either 12 months (unless a shorter date is specified by your vet) or until all the repeats on the prescription are used up, whatever comes first.

If your vet has not included repeats, or has specified “no repeats”, then the prescription is valid for one supply only and we will need a new prescription for your next order.

Can my vet write an "ongoing" prescription?

No, since a prescription is only valid for up to 12 months, your vet cannot write an "ongoing" prescription. Furthermore, we are only allowed to supply up to the quantity that your vet authorises on the prescription. Once we have supplied what your vet authorises on the prescription, we will need a completely new prescription to provide more medication.

I have one repeat, what does this mean?

If your vet has authorised one (1) repeat, this means that they are authorising the initial quantity (i.e. 1 bottle), plus one repeat – therefore there are two supplies (i.e. 2 bottles) in total.

If my script has repeats, will you hold it for my next order?

For the vast majority of our clients, we hold their repeats, so that they don’t have to keep posting in the original prescription prior to every repeat order. This helps to reduce cost and speed up the process of ordering repeats.

If I want my repeats returned, will you facilitate this?

Yes. The repeat prescription is your property, so if you want it returned, our pharmacist has a professional obligation to facilitate this. You may be charged for the cost of return postage, if required.

Can you accept a prescription from an online vet? 

In line with Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and state veterinary board guidelines, PetPA Pharmacy cannot accept prescriptions from online-only telemedicine veterinary businesses.

Can you accept a prescription my vet emailed to me? 

PetPA Pharmacy requires original pen signed prescriptions. If your vet only emailed the prescription to you, then please request that they post the original pen signed prescription to us directly.