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What Are The Benefits of An Online Veterinary Consultation?

An online vet consultation is a service where you can speak with an Australian registered veterinarian from the comfort of your home. If you’re feeling unsure about whether to visit a vet face to face for a potential sickness or injury, we can help guide you in the right direction and provide expert advice on ways to help your pet stay comfortable.  

When should you take your pet to a face-to-face consultation? 

Online veterinarians can do a good job helping ease worry and stress for pet parents who are concerned that something may be wrong. But there are still many cases when it’s important to seek out in-person veterinarian care, including emergencies. 

What are the benefits of online veterinary consultation?

  • Access from home if no physical exam, testing or treatment is needed – no transportation considerations 
  • Convenient hours (including out-of-hours) 
  • Faster response time 
  • Free or low-cost feedback from an Australian registered veterinarian  
  • Often less stressful for your pet than an in-person visit, especially if your pet tends to get nervous at the vet 
  • Can offer an understanding of what to expect if an in-person visit is needed for your pet 

What can I use online veterinary consultation for? 

  • Upset tummies, vomiting and diarrhoea 
  • Itchy skin – why they are scratching and what you can do 
  • Toxin advise – if your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have 
  • Skin and ear problems 
  • Parasite prevention – fleas, ticks and worming 
  • Coughing & sneezing 
  • Eye problems 
  • First aid and wound care 
  • Lumps and bumps 
  • Limping and lameness 
  • Behaviour & training 
  • Product Information 

Please note that online veterinarians can’t legally diagnose or prescribe medications because a veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) has not been established. 

Additionally, our vets can provide advice on:  

  • Dental: how to take care of teeth and gums 
  • Grooming: how to care for your pet’s skin health 
  • The right pet for you and your family 
  • New puppy and kitten support 
  • Diet advice: giving your pet the right nutrients 
  • Preventative Care 
  • First Aid 
  • Puppy and Kitten proofing your home 

How to get the most out of your online veterinary consultation? 

  1. Be prepared to offer more detail than you necessarily would during an in-person appointment. As there is no hands-on exam and the patients can’t tell us what hurts, providing as much insight as possible will be helpful in establishing next steps. This means the more thorough you can be, including providing pictures or videos, the more helpful your online vet can be. 
  2. Be ready to answer symptom-based questions. Our veterinarian will likely ask similar questions as your regular veterinarian and will tailor the questions as needed depending on the individual case. You might be asked to describe your concern, whether your pet is acting normally, eating and drinking well, if they are on any medications or has any known medical conditions. 
  3. Make sure you are in an area that has strong WIFI/connection coverage so we can see and hear you clearly. 

It’s never been easier to access veterinary care via our website where you can book a Vet Chat with one of our qualified veterinarians via video call and select the time that best suits you. 

Our online consultations cost significantly less than traditional face-to-face appointments – or are FREE as part of our Pet Wellness Plans – Thriving Pets or Thriving Pets+ 

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