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Dog with a family

Pawsitive Tips for First Time Dog Parents

Being a pet parent is a privilege and brings immense joy but like any parenting journey, it can be an adjustment and having the right knowledge and tools will make the journey a lot easier. Researching a trusted breeder or shelter, finding a veterinarian with expert knowledge and arming yourself with information from reliable resources, these are all critical components in ensuring you have the right ‘village’ allowing you and your puppy a positive experience. 

Here are our top tips if you are considering becoming a first-time dog parent. 

1. Research the breed 

Many dogs make wonderful family pets, however with hundreds of breeds to choose from, finding and picking the perfect one to fit your lifestyle and household can often feel overwhelming. Considerations need to be made with respect to temperament, exercise and grooming requirements, and of course size. Matching a dog’s natural predisposition to your lifestyle is the best way to ensure that you find the perfect match!

2. Create a safe space 

When you bring your fur baby home for the first time, it’s important that you have already set up a safe space. Whether you have decided to crate train or not, your dog will need a calming comfortable place that it is able to retreat to as well as defined areas for eating and toilet time. 

3. Get to know your local vets 

Chances are you will have options, but it’s recommended to visit each Veterinarian Clinic to see exactly what services they offer. That first year is when you will really establish a relationship with your vet given considerations around vaccines, preventatives and desexing. Plus there will be evolving questions regarding nutrition, dental health and behaviours over a dog’s lifetime. Some clinics also offer puppy training and socialisation. 

Here at PetPA we want to take the stress out of pet parenting! If joining an interactive community, all experiencing the same joys and challenges in welcoming a dog in to your life, whilst being guided and supported by an expert team of veterinarians sounds like it could be the village you need to check out our Pawsitive Pet Parenting course. 

More than just another online course, the Pawsitive Pet Parenting course and membership is designed to give puppy and dog parents everything they need to be a happy fur family. 

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