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Online Pet Prescriptions & Pharmacy
Support for Veterinary Practices.


Best prices online, same day dispensing & express delivery
direct to your client's front door.

Why send an eScript online for your patient?

  • Timely and improved pet health outcomes, minimising delays in accessing pet prescription medications.
  • Convenient access to cost-effective prescription medications for your clients.
  • Increase practice efficiency, drug safety and improve pharmacy stock management.
  • Better transparency and management of prescriptions. Decrease the number of lost prescriptions.

Pharmacist - Kate Strong

Kate chose a career in pharmacy because she wanted to make a difference and to help people. Kate started working in retail community pharmacy on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland working in an independent pharmacy and from there went to the then Terry White Group (now Terry White Chemmart) where she helped grow and open new pharmacies across multiple states. Kate then went onto owning her own pharmacy on the Gold Coast where she has settled with a family of 3 children and her 2 border collies (her second love after her kids!). Selling the Pharmacy, she owned for 18 years in 2021 she was looking for another way to continue to help people when the opportunity arose to start a Pharmacy for animals. Kate is excited to support the veterinary industry with an online pharmacy option and to help bring pet owners a convenient and affordable solution for veterinary prescriptions.

Veterinary Nurse and Pharmacy Support
– Isabella (Bella) Garozzo

Bella is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with 15-years’ experience in the veterinary industry, including over 10 years of practice management experience. Bella has extensive knowledge on all species and understands the challenges that Veterinary Practices face. Bella loves working with Veterinary Practices to make sure they can support their clients with the best service and affordable solutions for the very best pet care.

Pharmacy Medications and Pricing – Click Below

PetPA Pharmacy

Express Post Delivery Estimates – Click Below:

PetPA Express Delivery Estimates

How do I order prescription medications for my clients?

  1. Log into your VetCheck account via your practice management system at
  2. Create a prescription (client and patient details will autofill)
  3. Select the medication from the drop-down menu or enter it manually
  4. Share directly to the Your Pet PA online pharmacy at

Please note, a copy does not need to be given to the client.

  1. Search our pharmacy range of prescription medications to review our medications and pricing.
  2. Write a prescription for your client
  3. Email the prescription directly to
  4. Send a hard copy of the prescription to:

PetPA Pharmacy

Reply Paid 91355

Tweed Heads NSW 2485

Do you have a question or need further assistance? Bella and the
Customer Support Team are available to help you.

E4E715B9-29FA-4AD8-A61B-1F8C8D1A18F1 1300 473 872