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Blackdog Training Clickers

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Blackdog Wear Clicker, Assorted Colours

Black Dog Wear grew from a basic desire for top quality dog training equipment, which would both look good and provide a practical purpose. Since these beginnings, they have grown to be a well-trusted training equipment supplier to dog trainers all around Australia. All Black Dog Wear equipment is based on science-based training methods.The quality and unique range of Black Dog products is a direct result of our communication with dog trainers around Australia. All products are meticulously tested by trainers and dogs before any design is finalised, ensuring the best in design and quality.

The BlackDog Training Clickers are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and they are easy to attach to a lanyard. The design of the button on the clicker makes it simple and quick to use during clicker training. You can also control the volume of the click simply by pushing the button side in to the palm of your hand for muffling.

  • Easy-to-use clicker
  • Fits conveniently into your hand
  • Attaches to a lanyard
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