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Calming Doggy Butter 250g

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Everyone knows dogs love peanut butter. We wanted to put our paw down and make one specifically for dogs. Our doggy butters are made using a specific roast, ground to doggy texture perfection and above all contains only the best ingredients. All our doggy butters are made using human grade ingredients and 100% natural. This variant contains L-theanine which has been shown to have a calming effect in dogs.

Check out these doggy hacks that your doggy butters will help with;

  •  Need some help hiding that medicine, it better be in one of these spreads?
  •   Need to wash the dog but it won’t stay still, spread some on the bath or on their toy to keep them entertained. 
  •  Heading out? Spread a dollop on a Lickimat or toy and by the time they have cleaned it up, you will be home to give them cuddles. 


The Doggylicious Calming Butters are: 

  •      100% natural
  •      100% grain and gluten free
  •     Contains no palm oil, xylitol or additives
  •     Contains no added sugar or sweeteners or salt. 
  •     Contains 20mg of L-theanine per 15g serve to assist with reducing doggy anxiety