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Fureeze Freeze Dried Quail Treats For Dogs & Cats

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What is freeze-dried?
Freeze-dried pet treats (in this case the freeze dried quail) are made using a special process that removes moisture from the raw ingredients while preserving their nutritional content, flavour, and texture. This method results in lightweight, nutrient-dense, and long-lasting treats that maintain their natural taste, making them a highly appealing and healthy option for pets.

The benefits of freeze-dried quail for your pet

Optimal Protein & Nutrient Blend 
Quail provides not just protein, but a rich blend of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, fulfilling the specific dietary needs of both cats and dogs.

Great For Dental Health 
The small bones in quail aids in scraping away tartar and plaque. It’s a delicious way to support cleaner teeth and healthier gums, keeping your pet’s smile bright and breath fresh!

Ideal for Delicate Digestion 
With quail as a single-source protein, it’s an exceptional choice for pets with dietary sensitivities, fitting seamlessly into grain-free or specialized diets.

Pure & Transparent 
At Fureeze, quality isn’t just a word—it’s our commitment. Each quail meat piece stands free from additives and fillers, representing nature in its purest form.

Distinctive Palatable Flavour 
The freeze-drying technique gifts quail a unique crunchy texture and exceptional flavour, making it an instant hit, especially for the fussiest of pets and as a high-value training reward.

Ethically & Wholesomely Raised 
Our quails aren’t just raised; they’re pampered in spacious barns and fed with the finest grains. This ensures a quality life before they become a quality treat for your pet.