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Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Cream For Dogs and Cats 60g

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Dermal Cream is a non-greasy formulation using 10 key, all natural ingredients to provide cooling relief, and improve the outward appearance of your pets skin, including nose, pads, paws and elbows while also acting as a moisture enhancer.

NAS’s Dermal Cream contains Vitamin E and natural oils that are easily absorbed by the skin providing quick, effective relief with easy application. There is no need to wash the cream off and can be applied as frequently as needed.

A unique, essential product for your pet’s at home Health Essentials Kit, that will help improve the appearance of your pet’s skin and is an ideal nourishing cream. You will notice the changes to their skin as the cream quickly penetrates and moisturises the delicate layers.

Directions & Dosages

  • Apply liberally to affected skin once or twice daily.
  • Delivery: Cream
  • Not to be used on lesions or puncture wounds.
  • Whilst any adverse reaction is very unlikely, we do advise applying a small amount of cream to a test area first to ensure that there are no skin reactions.
  • If symptoms persist, seek Veterinary advice.