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Green Lipped Mussel Oil for Dogs

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What is Green Lipped Mussel(Perna canaliculus)?

Green lipped mussels can only be found in the cold waters of New Zealand and its name originates from the green lips that are around the edges of the mussel.

It contains over 30 different types of omega-3 fatty acids with their anti-inflammation effects being known to be 150 fold more effective than that contained within fish.

Traditionally Green Lipped Mussel has been known as a natural treatment for symptoms of arthritis in both humans and animals.

Nature’s Key Green Lipped Mussel Oil is registered as a natural anti-inflammatory by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. (registration number 385475)

We Found the Key of joint from the Maori people of New Zealand

Green Lipped Mussel was a main diet of the New Zealand Maori people, who were known

for their exceptional joint health and low number of arthritis patients.

Thus, numerous studies focusing on its effects were commenced and clinical studies

have confirmed its anti-inflammatory effects.

 No needed for rest period

100% Natural Ingredient

100% Human Grade

Green Lipped mussel 125 x compaction

1 Capsule contains 6,250mg Fresh Green lipped mussel