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Ocunovis Gel Eye Drops For Dogs

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Ocunovis ProCare BioHAnce Gel Eye Drops are proven to support the dramatic reduction of symptoms associated with Dry Eye.

Clinically proven in dogs: significant improvement was shown in symptoms of Dry Eye when administered twice daily compared to the standard lubrication product on the market..

Long-lasting lubrication: ordinary eye drops can quickly evaporate.

Engineered for convenience: enhanced duration reduces the number of applications.

Tailored for easy application specifically made to create a “not too thick, not too watery” consistency that is easy to control and dispense accurately.

Less glob on your pet’s eyes: unlike others, Ocunovis creates a sheer thin application without blurring.

Formulation based on naturally occurring substances found in the body contains no preservative or synthetic additives that cause pain or stinging.

Dry Eye is a common eye condition in dogs.

It occurs when their tear glands are no longer able to produce the normal number of tears which play an essential role in ocular health – from lubrication to protection to immune defense. The condition can be very painful because without tears, the eyes feel dry and irritated (feeling like sandy grit in the eye) and are more prone to infections and ulcers. If left untreated, this can lead to pigmentation changes and scarring of the eye surface, and eventually even blindness.

Friendly Dosage

You can apply as few as 1 drop in each eye 2x a day to effectively support your pet’s eye discomfort