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Petosan Complete Dental Kit Large Dogs and Cats

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Petosan Dental Care Kit contains:

Comes with Double-Headed Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Finger brush Microfiber Oral Cleaner. Dental Kit for both dogs and cats to maintain oral health Everything you need to start a brushing regimen with your puppy or toy breed. Contains a 70 gr (2.5-ounce) tube of tasty poultry flavor toothpaste contains pyrophosphates to help control tartar.
  • Petosan Double-Headed Pet Toothbrush
  • Petosan Toothpaste (70 gr (2.5-ounce) tube of tasty poultry flavor)
    (20 gr (0.7-ounce) for toy dog kit)
  • Fingerbrush Microfiber Oral Cleaner