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Rogz Car Safety Adjust Clip For Dogs

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The Rogz Car-Safe Seat Belt Clip attaches to your pet’s harness and clips directly into the car’s seat belt receiver, keeping your dog safe and comfortable. This product is designed to prevent driver distraction and restrain your pet to one position in the vehicle. For a safe and secure transit to and from the vehicle, adjust length to create a transit lead and stow-away the seat belt clip.

Caution: Not suitable for use in Volvo brand vehicles.

Clip & Go- attach trigger hook to the back D0ring on your dogs harness

Safe & Secure- clip seat belt clip directly into your car’s seat belt receiver for a secure and safe hold.

Fully Adjustable: 45 - 73cm for use on various dog sizes.

Transit Lead-  Safe transit to and from the vehicle, no gear change needed.


Webbing and Reflective Stitching: Nylon

Trigger Hooks and Metal Components: Zinc

Plastic components: Acetal Plastic Components (POM)

Seat Belt Clip: Steel