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Septicide Antiseptic Cream

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  • Antiseptic cream to prevent infection and assist wound healing
  • For use on dogs and horses
  • Kills and repels flies and nuisance insects to protect wounds and skin from damage
  • Easy to use cream formula


  • Minor wounds on dogs and horses.
  • Protection of areas sensitive to irritation and injury by insects.
  • To help prevent fly strike and other insect related problems in open wounds.
  • To provide the benefits of a moist environment, beneficial for wound healing.


  • Promotes wound healing and prevents infection

    SEPTICIDE contains the antiseptic proflavin hemisulfate that assists in wound healing and prevents the development of infection. The antiseptic formulation helps the wound to heal and prevents infection from establishing in the wound. The cream formulation stops the wound from drying out creating optimum conditions for wound healing. SEPTICIDE can be safely applied to all forms of minor wounds on dogs particularly those prone to irritation by insects eg. dogs’ ears.

  • Kills flies and nuisance insects

    The active ingredients in SEPTICIDE are highly effective insecticidal compounds. The insecticide permethrin is one of the most effective insecticides available to kill insects landing on treated areas and to protect the wound from flystrike or other insect related damage. N Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide when combined with permethrin acts synergistically to prolong and intensify insecticidal activity.

  • Repels flies and other nuisance insects

    Diethyltoluamide, DEET, contained in SEPTICIDE is regarded as one of the most effective insect repelling compounds available. DEET acts by creating a shield of repellent vapour as it evaporates. This shield confuses insects so they can’t locate the animal to land on. N Octyl Bicycloheptane Dicarboximide is a synergist with DEET which assists DEET in working more effectively by prolonging it’s action and intensifying it’s repellent properties.

  • Versatile easy to use cream formula

    Presented in a cream preparation, SEPTICIDE is ideal for preventing wounds drying out providing optimum conditions for wound healing. The cream form also makes it easy to apply to difficult areas such as the head and ears particularly on nervous or skittish animals. SEPTICIDE is registered for use on both dogs and horses. This multi-species use means that it is a handy first aid product to have on hand in a wide variety of situations.


  • Proflavine Hemisulfate 1mg/g
  • Permethrin 10mg/g
  • N Octyl Bicycloheptane Dicarboximide 50mg/g
  • Diethyltoluamide 50mg/g


Apply to wound daily until healing is achieved. If using as a preventative measure continue use until insect activity has ceased.


If symptoms persists the advice of veterinarian should be sought. Do NOT apply SEPTICIDE to cats.


Store below 30ºC (room temperature).


100g tubes