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Veggiedent Fresh Medium 10-30kg 15 Chews

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  • 100% of dogs accepted the chew
  • 92% of dogs consumed the entire chew
3-way performance that cleans teeth, freshens breath and supports proper digestion.
    Address oral causes of bad breath with pomegranate.
  2. COOL
    Cools and freshen bad breath with erythritol.
    Address digestive causes of bad breath with the prebiotic inulin.
  • Innovative Shape

    Unique Z-shape allows the chew to reach front to back and everywhere in between

  • Healthy Ingredients

    Plant-based, no animal-derived ingredients, gluten-free and easily digestible

  • Gut Health Support

    Contains a prebiotic known to support proper digestion and help maintain intestinal well‑being