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How to Shop for The Best Dog Food Brand, According to Vets

How to Shop for The Best Dog Food Brand, According to Vets

As a dog owner, it is essential to give your pet the best nutritious food available to support its overall wellness and health, which includes ensuring that your pet maintains a healthy weight. With so many dog food options available on the market, deciding which food is best for your dog can be overwhelming. Buying a high-quality diet can be expensive, but it is worth spending more to provide your dog with a superior diet that will reduce the risk of any health issues associated with improper nutrition. With the advice of veterinarians, you can make an educated decision on which brand of dog food is best for your canine companion. 

Nutrition for your dog’s age

Nutritional requirements will change throughout your dog’s life. Puppies will require a specific diet with increased proportions of proteins and fat to support growth. Whereas senior dogs will need a specific diet to assist with age related problems such as arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease and weight gain.  

Consider your dog’s size

Small and large breed dogs will reach different life stages at different rates, small dogs tend to grow faster whereas large breed dogs have larger bones and generally need more joint care. These stages will need different nutritional requirements. Consider the breed and size of your dog when selecting food for them and seek veterinary assistance if you need some advice. 

Look for high-quality ingredients in your dog food

When choosing a dog food brand, the first consideration should be the quality of the ingredients. Look for high quality protein suitable to your pet's needs, rather than fillers or by products. Generally, the higher an ingredient is up on the list the more of that product will be present in the mix.

Determine your budget when buying dog food

Prices of dog food will vary, primarily based on the quality of ingredients. While a more expensive brand will provide a superior product, a cheaper food may meet your pet’s individual nutritional needs and be more suitable for your budget. 

Ask a veterinary professional about your dog’s nutritional needs.

If you’re unsure about your dog’s dietary requirements or you suspect they have allergies speak to your vet about which food is appropriate. They can help you choose a food that meets your pets’ nutritional requirements while also addressing any underlying health concerns or dietary requirements they might have. 

What dog food brands are the best, according to vets

1. Hill’s Science Diet 

Hill’s Science Diet has been around for a number of years and has a scientific approach when formulating diets for specific health conditions and with high nutritional content. They have been researching nutrition as part of veterinary medicine since the 1950s and have a range of prescription diets for specific medical needs. 

2. Royal Canin 

Royal Canin has worked with scientific, veterinary, and behavioural experts for over 50 years to provide a wide range of nutritional diets for different conditions. They offer a range of foods for different breeds and life stages as well as medically formulated prescription diets. 

3. Purina Pro Plan  

Purina has been creating pet food for over 85 years. They aim to exceed the standard requirements of the industry with high quality and nutritionally balanced products. They aim to provide food that allows pets to live healthier, happier, and longer lives. 

4. Delicate Care 

Delicate Care is an Australian company that has been providing scientific, all natural diets for over 20 years. They provide diets that are designed for Dental Care, Skin or Stomach, Mobility Support, and Weight Management. They have partnered with veterinarians to produce premium formulated diets to support your pet’s complete health. 

5. Black Hawk 

Black Hawk is created in rural New South Wales using real ingredients sourced in Australia. They support local farmers and communities and their pet nutritionists and veterinarians have developed a range of recipes using carefully selected, quality ingredients that are beneficial to your pet’s health, happiness, and longevity. 

Final Tip 

Selecting the best food for your dog requires doing some research and consideration of your dog’s individual requirements based on age and size. 

When selecting a food, check the ingredients and consider which reputable brand might meet your needs and your budget. Remember, with the guidance of a veterinary professional, you can choose a high-quality food that will keep your furry friend healthy and happy for years to come.  


For additional guidance and support concerning your dog's diet and the most suitable food choices, reach out to the experts at PetPA through our website. Seeking personalized nutritional advice becomes particularly crucial if your dog has a medical condition or specific dietary requirements.


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