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Leadr Pet- Fetch For Healthy Limber Joints (60 Chews)

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Fetch supports downward dogs, frisbees, belly flops, big sticks, tennis balls and W-A-L-K-S. Taken daily may increase the speed, frequency and athleticism of zoomies.

  • Improves joint cartilage and joint function
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces the breakdown of collagen fibres inside bones, joints and connective tissue

    Nutritional information

    Active Ingredients (dose per chew)

    • Glucosagreen® (Vegan Glucosamine) | 500mg
    • Bovine Chondroitin | 250mg
    • CurcuVet® Bioavailable Turmeric | 60mg
    • CarniKing® L-Carnitine | 50mg
    • Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) | 150mg

    Chew Ingredients

    Kangaroo, Rice, Tapioca, Potato, Kangaroo Liver, Vegetable Glycerine, Salt, Sugar, Fibre, Coconut Oil, Sorbic Acid (for stability), Tocopherols (antioxidant)

    Directions for use

    • 0-4 kg: ½ chew
    • 5-14 kg: 1 chew
    • 15-29 kg: 2 chews
    • 30 kg+: 3 chews